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Bastille Day- Togehter by project-ml Bastille Day- Togehter :iconproject-ml:project-ml 15 0 Bastille Day- We will Fight by project-ml Bastille Day- We will Fight :iconproject-ml:project-ml 9 0 Bastille Day-Lets not get Caught by project-ml Bastille Day-Lets not get Caught :iconproject-ml:project-ml 11 0 Bastille Day- In the Alley by project-ml Bastille Day- In the Alley :iconproject-ml:project-ml 15 0 The Day after Today (art2of2) by project-ml The Day after Today (art2of2) :iconproject-ml:project-ml 6 0 The Day after Today (art1of2) by project-ml The Day after Today (art1of2) :iconproject-ml:project-ml 5 0
The Day after Today part 3
Part III
Marinette, you’ve spent all day at the window. Sabine looks down at her daughter with a small frown. At least find a chair to sit in.
I have a better view from the floor. I put cushions down, don’t worry maman, Marinette signs back.
That’s not exactly what I’m worried about.
Marinette sighs, but forces a smile up at her mother. There’s nothing to worry about.
I know who you’re looking for. Sabine’s expression is soft and understandable, but Marinette still can’t take the accusation hidden in the words.
Marinette’s forced smile crumbles. I’m not looking for anyone. I’m fine. You wanted me to keep off of my leg, didn’t you?
You’re going to waste away. You can’t keep doing nothing.
Keeping herself from wincing, Marinette casts her eyes around the room. It was just a few days ago that she got into a fight with Adrien about doing nothing. And less than two days ago when she both lost her chance to a
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The Day after Today part 2
Part II
Inside the Bastille, Adrien watches as Marinette looks around with a frown. To him, she seems to be the only thing that refuses to give in to the gloomy lighting. Her eyes are still as bright as ever, only now they’re sharpened by the suspicion lurking in her expression. She slowly walks toward him, taking in the dark stone walls and then finally settling her gaze on him.
“Adrien? Why aren’t you waiting outside like you always used to?” She’s holding the basket hostage, refusing to hand it over until she gets an answer to her question.
Adrien cringes, the vain hope that she just wouldn’t ask petering out. As tensions rose across the country and rioting had started, Marinette’s own restlessness had grown as well. He could tell she was unhappy because of it, and so he did all he could to avoid talking about the situation.
“Things are getting…” he fishes around for a word, trying to explain it gently without freaking her
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The Day after Today part 1
Part I
He hasn’t taken time to imagine it often, but the images of soft colors and impossibly green meadows and kind smiles have flitted through his mind when the subject came up, rare as it was. But suddenly, he wonders not what heaven looks like, but what heaven smells like. With the scent currently luring him towards a girl with dark hair carrying a basket of her family’s baked goods, he’s suddenly convinced that heaven must smell like bread.
He tries not to drool as the girl hands him the basket, attempting to commit the warm, light, slightly sweet scent to mind. The urge to uncover the contents and indulge seizes him, so to avoid making a further fool of himself, he wrenches his gaze away from the basket and looks directly into the girl’s big, blue eyes.
They’re quite pretty and distracting, framed by thick black lashes and full of warmth. But they’re also glinting with amusement, and when he focuses on her face he realizes she’s smirking.
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For the People(art3of3) by project-ml For the People(art3of3) :iconproject-ml:project-ml 7 0
For the People Part 3
Brothers and Sisters, what do we do once the negotiations have failed? What do we do when our voices are not heard? What do we do when words are not enough? Listen to the cries of hungry children, to the thunder of pounding feet, to the crackle of fire. Listen, and you will hear the answer.
— Essais Revolutionnaires, La Voix
Part III — Rouge
Alya gives him a key to the room upstairs. It’s an alien action, turning the key and swinging the door open. He’s always come through the window.
He can’t think of a time he’s ever seen the room empty. Either he and Ladybug arrived together, or she was there, waiting for him. Adrien shrugs off Nino’s coat and hangs it over the chair. The room looks as it always does: bed made, water basin at the small side table, stump of candle waiting to be lit.
Adrien goes to bed early, tries to sleep, but the absence gnaws a hole under his ribs and no amount of tossing and turning is able to keep the tiny bed he used to
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For the People(art2of3) by project-ml For the People(art2of3) :iconproject-ml:project-ml 8 1
For the People Part 2
Gabriel Agreste may call himself Le Papillon, yet he is anything but. The man is a locust, and France will starve by him. A venomous snake in a crowd, his poison spreads when he bares his fangs. Not a soul will go untouched by his evil endeavors if he continues unopposed in Paris.
— Essais Revolutionnaires, La Voix.
Part II — Blanc
Nowadays, it feels like all Adrien does is pace.
Back and forth in his room, waiting for blistering summer day to fade into cool night. Around and around at night on a rooftop, hoping that this patrol will be better than the last, that the first words from Ladybug’s lips will be something other than “Today at the Estates-” or “Would you believe, what Le Papillon is saying now?” And now, scuffing a circle into the carpet outside of Le Papillon’s office, Adrien finds himself caught in the same, torturous loop.
He would still rather be vaulting across the city in tense silence with Ladybug than waiting on his fath
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For the People (art1of3) by project-ml For the People (art1of3) :iconproject-ml:project-ml 13 0
For the People Part 1
— Essais Revolutionnaires, La Voix.
Part I — Bleu
Fog rolls off the Seine, clotting the arteries of wide causeways and narrow alleys alike. This early, the pulse of the sun is faint, casting a scant glow over dark streets. Flames still flicker in the street lamps that line the road spanning out from Le Pont Neuf.
Marinette is used to the morning dark, but there’s something about the fog that sets her step a beat quicker. The creaking of wood carts on cobblestone and the muttered sounds of tired conversation filter through the street.
“Hey, ma fille, what’s the rush?”
Dark forms emerge from the fog - a gaggle of men swaggering out from one of the adjacent alleys. The men - boys, really - look younger than her. Her eyes flick to each, sizing them up, weighing her odds. It’s not the first time someone has attempted to corner her during morning deliveries, but she’s never had to deal with a group. She stifles a sigh and hefts her basket highe
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A Monster among Sheep (art3of3) by project-ml A Monster among Sheep (art3of3) :iconproject-ml:project-ml 3 0


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